The price for your translation will depend on the number of words contained in the document that need translating. Our standard prices for Turkish-English and English-Turkish translations start from $40 per 1,000 words ($.04 per word).
However, to celebrate the launch of eStudyBox, we are currently offering a special introductory price starting from $30 per 1,000 words ($0.03 per word)
Please submit your document to us in the form provided below and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide a quote.

Delivery Time

Our standard delivery time is within 7 days of payment. If you require a more urgent service, please advise us in the form below and we will notify you whether this is possible. Please note that urgent requests may incur additional charges and this will be explained to you in our reply.


Academic Translation

Academic translation includes a wide range of different types of documents such as the translation of diplomas, journals, dissertations, essays, books and presentations, among others. Many scholars choose to write an article they wish to publish in a journal in their mother tongue and then translate it into English. For this reason, it is essential that academic translators are highly proficient in both the source language and target language. Academic translations require a high level of detail, and should be performed by professional translators. For this reason, our translators have been highly trained in such translations and will ensure that your completed work is at an academic level.

Web Page

Our translators can translate your website content to ensure that it is accessible to a broader audience. Please contact us with your specific request and we will work with you to ensure that all aspects of your website are accessible to more users.


We can assist you with subtitles for video material. Please contact us using the form below to submit your video and we will advise you of the cost. Please note that there will be an additional cost for transcribing the audio prior to it being translated.

Official Letters

We can provide translations of official documents upon request. Please submit your document below for a quote.

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Tranlation services start from 30 per 1000 words

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