What is Proofreading?

In many fields, proofreading is essential to ensure that all documentation is free from any errors, including those related to grammar, spelling and formatting. Before you submit any document to be published online, finalise your thesis, apply for a job or have a document that is intended for a public audience, it is imperative that the language used is of the highest quality. Even if English is your first language, it is recommended that you employ the services of a proofreader to optimise the standard of your work Proofreading is an art, and an expert proofreader can detect even the slightest of mistakes in your work or document to ensure it is error free. When analysing a document, our proofreaders will generally check the following:
  • - Readability of the text
  • - Agreement between subject/verb
  • - Unsuitable wording
  • - Grammatical mistakes
  • - Punctuation mistakes
Additionally, depending on the content of your document, they will research certain terminology and concepts to ensure consistency. Improvements will be made to the vocabulary used to enhance the style of your writing, particularly with respect to Academic texts. We will polish your paper to ensure that it is of the highest standard and is error free. All of our proofreaders are native English speakers and will therefore improve the language of your document to that of a native speaker

How does it work?

After you submit your document to us using the form provided below, we will review your request and advise the price based on the number of words. If you have specific requests, please note them in the Message Box. After we receive payment, one of our proofreaders will be tasked with reviewing your document. We recommend that you submit your document in Microsoft Word format as this will enable us to edit the text and show you the changes we have made. However, we can also proofread documents submitted in other formats. Accordingly, all changes will be tracked using the “Track Changes” option in Word. If there are sections of the text that are unclear or require further clarification, the proofreader will use the “Comments” functionality to advise you of this. Upon completion, the fully proofread document will be returned to you and the proofreader will make recommendations where appropriate.


The price for your proofreading will depend on the number of words contained in the document that need proofreading as well as the quality of the original text. Our prices for English Proofreading start from $20 per 1,000 words ($0.020 per word). However, to celebrate the launch of eStudyBox, we are currently offering a special introductory price starting from $15 per 1,000 words ($0.015 per word)
Please submit your document to us in the form provided below and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide a quote.

Delivery Time

Our standard delivery time is within 7 days of payment. If you require a more urgent service, please advise us in the form below and we will notify you whether this is possible. Please note that urgent requests may incur additional charges and this will be explained to you in our reply.

Plagiarism Detection Service

We provide a plagiarism detection service to minimise negative feedback from journals. It is very important to present original work in the scientific community. For this reason, it is important to know the similarity score of your work before it is submitted to a journal and that it is at the level stipulated by the journal.

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Tranlation services start from 30 per 1000 words
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