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Course Description

Course Description 


Due to the energy crisis and climate challenges that global economies are experiencing, it is crucial to design a course that will enable people to understand the basics of energy economics and how they affect human life. This course will look at the foundations of climate change and how it affects the global population.

 What will I learn from this course?

 You will learn about climate change,

 You will learn about the causes of climate change and its impact on the environment,

 You will learn about how climate change problems can be solved,

 You will learn about your role in solving climate change challenges,

 You will learn about sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals relating to Climate

Why should I take this course?

 You will understand why global temperatures continue to rise,

 You will know how climate change affects human health,

 You will understand how we can tackle the climate change problems before it gets worse,

 You will be able to educate others,

 You will understand the concept of sustainability.

Subject Headings

 What is Climate Change?

 What are the causes of climate change?

 What are the environmental impacts of climate change?

 What are the solutions to climate change?

 What is Sustainability?

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The certificate of participation will be activated after the course has been completed.

This seminar is free of charge, however, the fee for the certificate of participation is 69 TL.



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Course Curriculum

1 Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals
11 Min


Abidemi Somoye

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Dr. Abidemi Somoye has a BSc in Economics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nıgeria; an
MSc in Economics from Girne American University, TRNC; and a PhD in Economics from Near East
University, TRNC, where he currently teaches public finance, international economics, industrial
economics, economic development, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. His research focuses on
energy economics and developmental economics. His articles have been published in high–ranking
journals such as Renewable Energy, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Letters in Spatial
and Resource Sciences, and OPEC Energy Review. He is a reviewer for international journals such as SN
Business & Economics, African Development Review, Environmental Quality Management and Sage
Open. He is a member of the American Economic Association and a Certified Professional Life Coach
from Transformation Academy, USA. He is a speaker and the author of five personal development books.
Dr. Abidemi Somoye loves to see people become the best they can be.
Awards and recognitions: Distinction in his MSc and PhD Degree. In addition, Dr. Abidemi Somoye
had one of the top cited paper in his article ‘the impact of financial development on energy consumption
in Nigeria’ from OPEC Energy Review in 2021–2022.
Personal/Professional Achievements: Certified Professional Life Coach from Transformation Academy,
Professional Affiliation and membership:American Economic Association

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Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals


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