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Course Description

Semiotics is the study of signs and sign systems. Everyone thinks that they know what a sign is and how to interpret signs, and this is somewhat correct, but this field of study does not examine signs and sign systems to teach you the interpretation of signs but to invent a systematic way of looking at signs. Although this field is not new and has an extensive history, it re-emerged with the attention of scholars in the 20th century. Linguistics and non-linguistics are the two main areas of signs that can be studied.

Summary of the Course

The course starts by asking two foundational questions: What is a sign? And how can we define a sign? These foundational questions open the way to understanding and perceiving the concept of signs we deal with in our daily routines and why it is necessary to study and define them. Furthermore, a short history of the field of semiotics and how it is scientifically structured will create a foundational background for anyone who would like to conduct further research in this field. After a brief summary of the historical importance, the two founders of semiotics in the 20th Century will be discussed and it will continue with the current semioticians' point of view. Finally, the course will examine some of the modern theories in semiotics and communication studies and end with a summary of the subject.

What will I learn from this course?

 Understanding what a sign is,

·       See signs and sign systems from a different point of view,

·       Understand the complexity of signs,

·       The difference between icons, indexes, and symbols,

·       The cultural effects on the interpretations of signs and sign systems,

·       How to perceive semiotics in various fields of study and understand them.

Why should I take this course?

     Whatever your field of study, you are dealing with signs and sign systems, and this course will explain how to decode these signs,

     In daily life, we are all dealing with linguistic and non-linguistic signs and if we are able to recognize them, our perspective toward life itself might change,

     In order to create a foundation on the scientific background of signs, it would be helpful to recognize the creation process,

     This introduction to the field of study according to the current situation and its historical background could create the opportunity for study in their own respective fields.


A certificate of participation is given upon completion of this course.  


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Course Curriculum

1 Lecture
5 Min

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10 Min

3 Lecture
9 Min


Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarvenaz luckinger

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Sarvenaz Safavi Luckinger has been an instructor at the Faculty of Communications, Department of Public Relations and Publicity of Near East University since 2020. She has been an instructor at many universities since 2015. Her PhD thesis was on the semiotic analysis of advertising posters, and all her publications are related to the field of semiotics. 

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Semiotics and Semiology


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