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The webinar titled "Improve your Academic Research Writing with ChatGPT: Ethical Approach" focuses on teaching academic researchers how to use ChatGPT to enhance their manuscript writing while adhering to academic writing ethics. The webinar provides insights on the ethical considerations to be taken into account when using AI language models such as ChatGPT for research writing. The webinar also covers the best practices for using ChatGPT as a writing tool and how to ensure that AI-assisted writing is in line with ethical and academic standards. The goal of the webinar is to equip researchers with the knowledge and tools necessary to use ChatGPT effectively in their research writing while maintaining academic integrity.

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1 Improve your Academic Research Writing with ChatGPT: Ethical Approach
48 Min


Ikenna Uwanuakwa

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Dr. Ikenna Uwanuakwa is currently serving as Assistant Professor in Near East

University, He graduated with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering and later

earned a Master's and PhD in Civil Engineering from Near East University. His research

interests revolve around construction materials and computer applications in civil

engineering, particularly in computer vision object detection, optimization, and

prediction modeling. He has published notable research outcomes in these fields,

particularly in construction materials and computer applications in civil engineering.

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Improve your Academic Research Writing with ChatGPT: Ethical Approach


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