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Home care is a concept that covers health and social services in a wide range. Home care services; It is the provision of medical, nursing, social or therapeutic treatment and/or support at home in line with the needs of disabled, chronic, or terminal patients in the recovery period in a way that they can continue their daily activities. Home care for the elderly constitutes a large and growing part of the social welfare system. Though home care work is associated with a number of work environment-related challenges, including an increased risk for injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, high levels of sick leave and staff turnover, as well as stress and high workload, research is sparse.

Summary of the course

Home-based primary care (HBPC) provides longitudinal, interdisciplinary primary care delivered in the home to individuals lacking access to traditional primary care. HBPC is critical for this population during pandemics as it can help maintain access to health-related services and keep patients out of medical and congregate settings where they may be at higher risk for exposure and associated morbidity and mortality.

Learning Objectives

Advantages and disadvantages of home care nursing. 

What will I learn in this course?

• After taking this course, you will understand the purpose of home care nursing more clearly.

• You will be able to understand the advantages of home care nursing.

• At the same time as understanding the disadvantages of home care nursing

• You can learn some of the reasons that cause the disadvantages to occur.

• And get some real-life examples

Why should I take this course?

•       To learn more about home care nursing

•       To be updated on the home care nursing

•       To be aware of the minuses and pluses of home care

•       To learn some fresh information

•       To see some new research in home-care


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1 Home Care Nursing History Advantages and Challenges
15 Min


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Home Care Nursing History Advantages and Challenges


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