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Tilda Nabbanja




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Financial Literacy and Financial Health – Short Course

This course will enable the participants to understand how to plan for their money well. It entails the understanding of Financial Literacy concepts that empower one to make good financial decisions. This course provides the knowledge about plannining for money, empowerment to improve personal financial skills, and finally become more confident about the short term financial decisions that they may need to make. Attainment of Financial Health becomes automatic when one has understood and applied this information over time. This course is simplified and suitable for all that seek to transform their financial lives. 

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
Make a personal financial plan
Understand how to save consistently.
Manage their loans and other credit obligations.
Invest wisely and prudently
Plan for old age or retirement


Why should I take this course? 

·         *To improve the day to day planning for all earned money.

·         *To harness the discipline of saving consistently.

·         *To manage all loans and credit facilities wisely.

·         *To understand the various investment options.

·        * To plan for retirement wisely


A certificate of participation is given upon completion of this course.  


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Course Curriculum

1 1. Ders Financial Literacy and Financial Health
20 Min

2 2. Ders Financial Literacy and Financial Health
12 Min

3 3. Ders Financial Literacy and Financial Health
12 Min


Tilda Nabbanja

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Tilda is a Finance and Investment Practioner and a Financial Literacy Master Trainer in Uganda. She is a seasoned Central Banker with over 14 years’ experience. She has a degree in Business Administration and Management from Uganda Martyrs University; a Masters in Finance and Investment from the University of Nottingham, a Masters in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship for Impact from Uganda Martyrs University, and a Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship with Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore.


She was part of team that implemented the Strategy for Financial Literacy in Uganda 2013 – 2017, coordinated the development of the Strategy, 2019 – 2024, and the EAC Financial Education Strategy in 2018. She works with and designs multi sectoral financial literacy programs and initiatives.


She innovates various simplified ways of disseminating financial information aimed at transforming lives. She is passionate about financial Literacy, financial health, Investment and transformation towards socio - economic wellbeing.

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Financial Literacy and Financial Health


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