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This webinar will focus on empowering teachers to design and develop a MOOC on Innovative Pedagogy for Teaching Gifted Students. In this webinar, a live demo will be given of the 4-Week Self-Paced MOOC launched in 2021 under UNESCO with 1400 enrolments across the globe.

Webinar outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you will be able to:

• Explain the meaning of Gifted Students

• Describe the characteristics of Gifted Students

• Choose appropriate Innovative Pedagogical Strategies for Gifted Students (with special reference to Spaced Learning, Mnemonics, Mind Maps, Analogies and Metaphors, Z to A approach,

Teach-write-Discuss, Think-Pair-Share)

• Create a MOOC/OER (Steps, Platform, and Accessibility)

Participation Certificate

After the webinar is completed, the certificate of participation will be activated. This webinar is free of charge, however, a fee is required if you want to receive a participation certificate.



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1 Empowering Teachers with Innovative Pedagogy for Teaching Gifted Students
48 Min


Deepika Kohli

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Dr. Deepika Kohli is an Assistant Professor at the Khalsa College of Education in Punjab,
India. She was awarded a Ph.D. degree by Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has 14 years
of teaching and research experience in the Teacher Education Institution. She is a guidance
worker and permanent member of the People’s Court (Lok Adalat). Dr. Deepika is an
acclaimed author, researcher, and dissertation supervisor of master's and Doctorate Students.
Her research interests are in the area of educational research, educational technology, OER,
Inclusive Education, and pedagogical techniques and approaches. She delivers skill-based

sessions nationally and internationally on innovative teaching-learning online tools and
research. She launched a 4-week MOOC on “Innovative pedagogical strategies for students
with special learning needs under OE4Bw-UNESCO Chair in 2021. The total enrolment
across the globe was 1,400. Recently, she launched a Second 4 week MOOC on “Creativity
in School Education” under OE4Bw-UNESCO Chair. She is also a member of the Editorial
Board of the International Journal “Joiner”.

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Empowering Teachers with Innovative Pedagogy for Teaching Gifted Students


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