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After the Covid-19 Pandemic, education has become more technological and all educational habits have changed. Educators predict that there will be no physical classes in the future. We will use different technological devices for learning and participating in classes. This webinar focuses on digital transformation in education. We will discuss the class of the future as well as new trends in education and research.


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1 Digital Transformation and New Trends in Education and Research
46 Min


Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay

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She was born in Nicosia on March 26, 1982. She graduated from the Faculty of Communication in 1999. She completed her master's degree in educational technology in the field of educational sciences and distance education. In 2008, she completed her doctoral degree program on educational management at Near East University. Later, she completed her doctorate program in Educational Technology at Middlesex University in 2010. Fahriye ALTINAY has been lecturing on educational sciences, educational technologies, and material design since 2002. She is a full-time faculty member at Near East University. She lectures on doctoral degree, master's degree, and undergraduate degree programs. She works scientifically and executively on issues such as high education board, bi-communal cultures, and works on quality, strategic planning, accessible information, and smart society. Prof. Dr. Fahriye ALTINAY is the Co-Head of the Societal Research and Development Center affiliated with the Center of Excellence. She works as an editor and referee on international journals and books.

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Digital Transformation and New Trends in Education and Research


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